Web Design Trends Of 2017

The questions on every designer’s mind are what has 2017 for web design. The trend towards mobile-friendly and responsive sites push designers to find ways to put in their efforts and maximize web experiences for all users no matter what device they are using. The year has surely got amazing web designs, but if we look hard enough, we can see few trends that are surely dominating websites in 2017.

The End Of Flat Design

It is time to say bye to Flat Designs because it makes everything look the same while also losing the touch of creativity. If you put your name away, you will notice that you are left with what everyone else has it. The web designers put a full stop to their creativity with flat designs, and they do not create something new. The end of flat designs this year gives a chance for an imaginative, creative and unique web designs to be seen.

Patterns, Lines and Geometric Shapes

Patterns Lines Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes and patterns have taken their part since the last year and are anticipating to be continued through 2017. There are infinite amount of ways in which patterns and geometric shape can be integrated into your website.

Layouts That Let Content Shine

Layouts That Let Content Shine

We design a website to present the content efficiently to let people know about us. The use of structure design elements makes the content visible and readable to the viewers. 2017 will be seen with sites with uncluttered content and bold typography which can quickly grab a user’s attention.

Use Of Brighter Color

Use Of Brighter Color

It is completely an undeniable fact that colors have a direct effect on our emotions. This year you will see that the use of gradients and bright shades create cheerful and appealingly pleasing sites that visitors enjoy scrolling through.

Focus On Animation

Focus on animation

Not anticipated but seen that animations are used more heavily on websites as they are considered to be a good way to show how something works, how to do something, or otherwise reveal meaningful content. Like, it is the world of story doing instead of storytelling, website designers are in practice to use motion graphics, animations and GIFs to show how the content works instead of using wordy sentences. The use of animations this year will become more dominant, content in the form of animations are shared more and helps to communicate things easier and quicker than text and video can do. Moreover, if it is done right, it can have a greater impact than other wordy content on a page.

Unique layouts

Unlike the flat designs and skeuomorphism, it is the year of unique layouts and style sheets which are both incredible, user-friendliness and rich in functionality. What best can be doneis the use of FlexBox which is abunch of treat for you. It is relatively a “new” CSS layout module that offers incredible responsiveness and friendliness in its functionality.

Focus On Landing Page

While reviewing and analyzing the relevance of landing pages which takes one round a year all to take, so it is as a must do activity when designing a website or when getting to the latest trends of a site. What best could be for a good landing page is,

Personalization of Content:

Personalization of content is one of the important aspects in content circles for quite some time now, and some sites are still not doing it perfectly well. What best could be done is to give a personalised touch to the page by focusing on characteristics like:

    • Demographics: It is about the visitor and from where are they are coming.Who is the visitor (professionally and personally) and where are they coming from?


  • Behavior: With Google AdSense, you can identify the interest and buying patterns of the visitors and their activities they have done on your site.

With much more information like this, you can actually get to know about the visitor of your site which eventually helps you in getting tailored content for them and increase retention.


2017 has some great websites with the current web design trends; these design patterns will be seen on other sites that are yet to come. Not only this, from hand-drawn elements to duotone images, catchy headings to more focused content layouts, these design trends are going to dominate the web design in 2017.

Author Bio:

Loius Martin is a senior professional at a design company that offers professional logo designs, website design & development and digital marketing services.  His area of writing is digital marketing, search engine optimization and design for which he has written numerous guest and official blogs. Connect him @loiusmartin1