Twins of Apple- iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus Prices Officially Announced in India

So Apple is back with two new models to take their series forward. These are the much awaited iphone 7 and iphone 7 Plus.

The specifications of these phones are really good and it will be harder for the competitors to surpass these. However, one thing that is bothersome is the staggering price tag on these latest entrees.

iPhone 7 Prices in India

  • 32GB will be available at Rs 60,000
  • 128GB version at Rs 70,000
  • 256GB version at Rs 80,000

iPhone 7 Plus Prices in India

  • Rs 72,000 for the 32GB variant
  • Rs 82,000 for the 128GB version
  • Rs 92,000 for the 256GB phone

The timing of release of Apple iPhone 7 is specifically important on the telecom stage at world level because it is coinciding with the debacle of Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The disastrous handling of the negative PR by Samsung is going to make a lot of loyalists switch sides from Samsung to Apple. The attitude of Samsung to its blasting batteries has been pathetic at best. Apple has all the goods with this phone to bring over Samsung loyalists and then some more.

Coming back to the topic of prices, Apple has announced price cuts of upto INR 22,000 for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus models. So more or less if we look at the prices, iPhone 7 models are very near to the pricing for iPhone 6s plus. This is smart technique from Apple. Apple wants to phase out 6s plus and given the strong user base and loyalty base for these models Apple is baiting consumers to buy iPhone 7 and ditch the idea of going for iPhone 6s plus.

Tim Cook has always maintained that India is one of those markets that have seen tremendous demand for iPhones and it is nowhere near over. So if his ideology is to be relied on, then be sure to expect some buyback offers or some exchange offers to sweeten your purchase of iPhone7.

In the wake of events happening with Android boss Samsung, and Indian Diaspora’s ever growing liking of the iPhone, it remains to be seen if Apple will finally be able to nail its profits.

Kunal Shah

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