The Plan of Microsoft for GitHub is to Make GitHub Better at Being GitHub

.NET and .NET development is a revolutionary tech that’s built on object-oriented disciplines, covering multiple programming languages under one roof.

ASP.NET development services could be envisaged as trusted partners for projects in developing .NET solutions. Customization that uses Microsoft technologies favors making the app as per client budget and specifications. The .NET initiative pervades all computing aspects. From the operating system and web browser, to servers that run on the internet, down to phones, handheld devices and radios, .NET has a story.

.NET excites developers. Microsoft is aware that in order to gain loyalty of developers is through selling more products. For instance, when a developer writes Microsoft-centric code, the code is deployed on Microsoft servers. When an organization deploys Microsoft serve software, it requires Microsoft-trained IT staff who will provide support, extend and manage software. .NET provides developers power and choice. It lets them build apps, not write repetitive routines. Furthermore, it provides tool, which enable software to interoperate across platforms and encourages heterogeneous systems.

A .NET development company puts developers in control. It lets them choose their language and project paradigm, even the development environment is completely customizable. Developers no longer are pressured to compromise or make trade-offs in lieu of productivity. In the past, developers opt for an easy-to-use syntax like Visual Basic, they compromised speed and features in their apps. That is no more now. With .NET, all languages are made equal.


As part of the $7.5 billion purchase of cloud source code repository GitHub of Microsoft, the company installs a new CEO. Once the deal closes, out would go GitHub co-founder Chris Wanstrath and in comes Nat Friedman. Friedman is the former Xamarin CEO, the cross-platform .NET implementation, which Microsoft bought in 2016.

Friedman brings robust open-source bonafides, core parts of the Xamarin stack were open source as well as his previous company, Ximian was built to develop open source GNOME project. His appointment should quell a lot of the fears, which open-source developers have regarding takeover. To further engage with the community, today Friedman did a Reddit AMA for answering questions on the acquisition.

Microsoft does not really intend to change much at GitHub. When asked if GitHub users must expect any huge alterations, Friedman replied that Microsoft is purchasing GitHub since it likes GitHub, and intends to make GitHub better at being itself. While there would be full integration between GitHub and Visual Studio Team Services, there will not be any radical changes in trajectory or service offerings.

This would be the case even if there is a huge overlap between GitHub development as well as Microsoft’s development. Microsoft and GitHub have open-source programmer-oriented text editors, which are built on Electron, an app development framework that uses HTML, JavaScript and CSS. GitHub has Atom. Microsoft has Visual Studio Code. Friedman said that development of both would continue since developers are truly particular when it comes to their tools. Visual Studio Code users will not be happy if forced to use Atom, or vice versa.


1. It makes it easy to contribute to open source projects. Using GitHub is free if a project is open source and includes a wiki and issue tracker, which makes it easy to include more in-depth documentation as well as get feedback on a project.

2. Showcase the work. GitHub is the best tool to attract recruiters. Today, when looking for new recruits for a project, most companies look to GitHub profiles. If a profile is available, there is a higher chance of being recruited even if one is not from a great college or university.

3. Documentation. By using GitHub, it’s easier to get excellent documentation. Their help section and guides have articles for almost any related topic to Git that one could think of.

4. GitHub is a repository. GitHub is one of the biggest coding communities around now, thus its wide exposure to a project.

5. Markdown. Allows using a simple text editor for writing formatted documents. GitHub revolutionized writing through channeling everything via Markdown, from user comments, issue tracker and everything.

6. Track changes in code across versions. When multiple people collaborate on a project, it’s difficult to keep track of revisions, such as who changed what, when and where the files are stored. GitHub takes c re of this by keeping track of all the changes made, which have been pushed to the repository.

7. Integration options. GitHub could integrate with common platforms like Google Cloud and Amazon, services like Code Climate for tracking feedback, and could highlight syntax in more than 200 different programming languages.

.NET development services continue to experience high demand. This year and in the years to come, the .NET framework of Microsoft will continue to be relevant in software development.

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