Terra Chips – more than just munching!

Munching goes hand-in-hand with any happiness that comes from any entertainment. That’s right! Your brain feels more relaxed with your jaws dancing up and down! And if you think about your jaws, they are comfortable only when your taste buds allow them to do so. If this gives you a little hint, you should be able to get that we are talking about some exotic flavours with exotic entertainment.

Terra Chips – the yummy experience

Out there, there are many chips and snacks that have all chances to be a part of your kitchen shelves. But, Terra chips is something that would remain more on the bowls and plates than the shelves. Unlike other chips that restrict themselves in taste and ingredients to potatoes, Terra Chips brings you a variety of flavours that come from other farm-fresh veggies as well.

The aim of Terra Chips is to get you the best snacking experience by offering not just tangy and tastier chips but also healthier and nutritional. For over two decades Terra Chips is into making people smile and munch mouth-watering snacks without getting bored over the same flavour.

Terra is much known for its vibrant colors of chips. Said that, not only do these chips tickle your taste buds, but also soothe your eyes!

My personal experience on Terra Chips

Chips are chips! But this notion of mine was proved wrong when the first chip from this wonderful Terra packet went into my mouth! Nope, chips are not just chips, they are ‘experience.’ The Terra difference was evitable. The healthy snacking comes from various vegetables. Here are the whole real veggies Terra takes into account –

Boniato or Cuban Sweet Potato: Light brown in color, this special batata has been favorite in the region of Caribbean and now the precious part of Terra Chips.

Beetroot: The real vegetable chips also include beetroot. Known for its great nutritional values, beetroot delivers natural sweetness that makes Terra Chips stand apart from rest of its counterparts. Terra uses a seasonal crop of this veggie to make its chips the best.

Candy Striped Beet: Also known as Chioggia Beet, it adds tangier and peppery taste to Terra Chips.

Carrot: The taproot is used to make chips tastier and healthier. A traditional root veggie with natural sweetness and nutrition is one of the favorite ingredients of many Terra lovers.

Kabocha: The Japanese pumpkin has a strong yet sweet and yummy flavor. Just a Japanese touch makes Terra an all different snacking experience.

Apple, coconut, and plantain: Not just limited to veggies, Terra chips also gets you delicious fruits to have the best blend of ingredients in its chips.

Have it in any way!

Terra does not bound you with any occasion or reason. The exotic experience can be indulged into with no restriction. You can have Terra Chips on birthday, partying, watching movies or sports, or for that sake anything! Terra is loved by kids, adults, and even elderlies. Think of munching or gourmet snacking and you trust on Terra.

Social cause

Unlike other chips available on the market, Terra takes care of the environment and our Mother Nature. All Terra packets are recyclable through TerraNetwork. Also, the company supports Seed Savers Exchange, a non-profit organization that aims to preserve and proliferate of heirloom fruits and veggies.

So, you just got a good reason to have Terra Chips available all time in your kitchen!

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