How Rebranding Your Small Business Can Improve Relationship with Your Customers

According to a recent statistic, over 54 percent of people don’t trust brands. The main reason behind this is the fact that a lot of companies break promises, fail to live up to their customers’ expectations and abuse the trust of their clients in different ways. Even though these extreme cases may not be that common, they reflect poorly on the entire industry.

With this in mind, during your future rebranding attempts, you might want to look for a way to focus on this particular aspect of your business. Here are four ways in which rebranding might improve your small business’s relationship with your customers.

Do some market research

In order to find a way to approach your audience with more success, you must first learn how to do proper market research. One of the ways to do so is to create a customer persona or try to imagine an “average” customer.

Here, you need to identify some important factors such as their sex, age, income, background and education, and figure out the best way to approach them based on this information. Still, it is much better to reach this conclusion through some extensive research and a series of both small- and large- scale surveys than by guessing. Another great (and cost-effective) idea would be to look at the results of surveys conducted by other parties such as independent educational organizations or even your competitors.

Improve your B2C communication

Next thing you need to start working on is your B2C communication strategy. When it comes to this, it’s advisable that you know exactly who your clients are from the moment they contact you (something you would need proper market research for). After this, you need to speed up the process of communication in order not to waste time of your clients.

One of the most responsible reasons for a high shopping-cart-abandonment rate is the fact that the needs of the clients aren’t addressed fast enough. Finally, you need to show your clients that they are in the right place, and the easiest way to do so is through a succession of testimonials, endorsements and positive reviews.

Optimize your website

The homepage of your website is something your audience will use to make their first impression of your business. Needless to say, you will never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Still, building a solid website is almost as much of an art as it is an exact science. A call-to-action button, contact information, and intuitive navigation are just some of the things that it absolutely must offer to your clients.

Then, there is the question of its functionality and UX in general, which is not a question you can answer easily. Seeing how this might be a bit overwhelming financially for your budget, you can take small business loans from companies that don’t ask for too much paperwork as banks or other financial institutions.

Test, test and test again

In the very end, the key to successful rebranding lies in testing. No matter how promising a certain step seems, you can never know for sure if things are going to work out the way they are supposed to. This is why you need to conduct a test after every change you introduce to your business.

There is usually a massive discrepancy between what people believe and what is actually true. For example, while according to a recent poll, an average American believes that 23 percent of their country’s population identifies as gay or lesbian, only 3.8 actually do so. From this point alone, it is more than clear that public opinion sometimes tends to go way off. Nonetheless, for the purpose of rebranding, these public misconceptions are much more important.


While there are always those who like mystifying a relationship between a small business and a customer, in reality, things are rather straightforward. Like any other relationship, it relies on the principle of giving and taking.

If your clients notice that you are trustworthy enough, that you respect their time and put effort into making the process of contacting you and buying from you simple and expedient, they are bound to have a good reaction to your brand. Managing this, however, takes a lot of work and even more research.

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