Should gender identity be included in anti discrimination laws?

Anti discrimination law refers to the law on the right of people to be treated equally. Either it is men or women or any caste everyone should be treated equally. Gender identity is defined as ‘An individual inner sense or experience or self-perception of being a man, a woman, a male, a female, both, transgender or configuration of gender.” It often matches with the gender typically associated with person’s genetics but sometimes does not. Gender expression refers to, “Any expression of how someone outwardly express external characteristic behaviors that are socially said as masculine or feminine. This includes mannerism, dressing style, speech pattern and social interaction.” If gender identity i.e. one’s personal experience of one’s own gender or assigned sex at birth be added to anti-discrimination it will simply mean no discrimination on the basis of gender. Though this concept is widely promoted but we need to think in detail before accepting this concept.

First of all let us talk about official discrimination-

If gender identity is added as an anti-discrimination law then gender equality will become a major benefit in workplace. Studies have shown that now a daysmulti-tasking is getting more and more important in workplace in which women are outperforming their counterparts actually better than male. Though this will surely help in development of our nation, but what firstly needs to develop is society. Our Indian society needs to accept women working late hours, or doing night shifts without any discrimination, with proper respect. Only then can this law be fruitful. Also, we should not forget that transgender should also be given equal facilities and opportunities in their workplace. This sadly doesn’t happen in our society, though if this could actually happen, it would help in overall development of our society.

Next let us talk about family discrimination-

Again it is very difficult for our society to accept equality of gender in our own houses. This can only happen if we on individual grounds accept that all household work is not the only responsibility of women and official work is not to be done by men. Both should be equally responsible for both the works. In other countries researchers concluded that British couples marriage are at risk when men do not help their wives with the household works. Means they both are given equal responsibility. If both realize their equal responsibility and work together to achieve a everything they desire then what a wonderful environment it be then?

Though it sounds a paradise, this dream can only be true if firstly security and safely measures be improved in our country. So it would be surely beneficial and developmental if gender identity be added to anti-discrimination law since we can fully utilize our country’s resources and even value our society in true sense.

But to bring this law safely measures needs to be improved. Also we need to upgrade our society’s moral value and thinking for gender equality. We should not ignore gender identity should also include transgender equality. Transgender should be given equal opportunities of education, work and also a transgender category should then be included in all government or non-government forms. This will make our society more transparent. Also people will not try to hide their self from the society. We should also remember if gender identity becomes an anti-discrimination law then infant mortality or rather female morality rate will decrease in our society. Even female literacy rate will increase. Everyone then female, male or transgender will take equal responsibility in development of our society.

As discussed earlier to improve safety measures government will then increase employment opportunities which will enhance our economy. Therefore we can look forward to overall development of our society.

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