Should Gay couples have the same adoption rights as straight couples?

When we begin to speak about this topic we first need to understand what are the major things which have to be kept in mind before adopting a child? Love, care, safety, and security are the main points to be considered before adopting a child. Now, if we think of gay couples, they surely will be able to give ample love and care to their adopted child.

But, if we think about a secured and safe life then a gay couple might not be able to provide a safe and secure environment to the child. This is because our societies till date have not accepted gay couples and they do not respect homosexual people and if they do not respect a parent then how can we expect our society to accept their adopted child. This will therefore lead to humiliation and embarrassment of the child at school or anywhere he/she goes, which will in turn affect his/her mental growth. Such humiliations will negatively affect the child’s personality and ultimate lead to depression.

Even if reports are to be followed homosexual couples have increased number of fights, depression and suicidal tendencies obviously because they might be tired of fighting the truth be it within themselves or with the society. Therefore if such a couple adopts a child by no means will their level of humiliation stop because our society will never stop criticising and if they are not strong enough to fight the world their level of dissatisfaction and depression will only increase in turn Obviously, this will negatively affect the adopted child.

Well, we should never forget a child requires both the parents to grow. Values that mothers and fathers bring to their children are due to the fact that they are of opposite sex. The cooperative relationship of males and female in marriage blends their differences to enhance a child with good things that same sex couple cannot. Which means a father and a mother both are required for upbringing the child and in his growth. And having two fathers and no mother will only increase confusion and dissatisfaction.

God has created everyone equally so every individual should have equal right for it whether, a gay couple or normal couple. Gay couple have become like that not by their wish or choice, it’s their destiny. Homosexual people are individuals only. People think many false things about homosexual people. I agree that there are many disadvantages of a gay couple adopting a child but, if we try to understand carefully our society is the main reason for creating such problems. Supporting a child as a gay couple will not affect the child’s quality in life.

If our society stops criticising a gay couple and starts accepting them, then such problems will never arise. If we talk of love and affection then a gay couple will have equal if not more love and affection for their adopted child. A gay couple will be able to give a happy atmosphere at home to an adopted child and ultimately that is what a child actually requires. And if we talk of a child, requiring both the parent to grow then I wonder how a child may be adopted by a single parent either the child will be fortunate to have two fathers.

Depression and insecurities may also creep into a normal couple, we can’t always generalise such issues with a gay couple and not allow them to adopt the child. So, I actually feel that no one should stop gay couples from adoption and also our society should be mature enough to let a gay couple be and stop humiliating them. This will then move forward to a more healthy society, as a child with family unit i.e. gay couples will grow stronger and more prepared for the real world. At last I think every human being deserves a happy life. And science has also proven that the same sex parents do not affect the child’s well-being or development. So, in conclusion same sex couples should be allowed to adopt. They are not different than you and me or as other normal couples. They are also human beings and they just prefer something different.

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