Do you support the legalization of same sex marriage?

Marriage is a lifelong relation and should be done with the person, you love. In India the Term love marriage is still a big issue which breaks caste, community and regional barriers. So, same sex marriage which means marriage of people of same gender is a hard piece to dissolve. Same sex marriage is legal union between two persons of same gender without asking their parents.  This is not so acceptable in our society. But, there have been sweeping changes in past two decades in its favour. The states which were banning the same earlier are now allowing the same sex marriage. Now, 37 states of U.S. and only 17 countries around the globe recognised same sex marriage. Still, the status of same sex marriage is in flux.

Same Sex marriage has become a hot topic for all. Many countries have also seen rising support regarding it. Some think that there is no problem in homosexual marriage. They think it should be legalised due to the following reasons:

  • When homosexual persons are allowed to get married, it saves them from having lurked around and suppressing their love relationship. The burden of hiding the relationship has an immense effect on psychology and unnecessary strain on the relationship. Having the chance to discuss ones relation with our near ones gives an immense sense of joy.
  • Removing the restriction and legalising homosexual relations would remove the shame that the homosexual persons have to live with. It will show the society that homosexuals should not be discriminated because they have different taste and should be equally treated as others. They will get treat of respect.
  • With legalisation the couples are able to get the same marital benefits as others do. They will get the chance of same aiding as heterosexuals and are awarded the same amount of protection under the law. By legalisation they will get the same tax benefits relating to spouse and it will be easier for them to adopt a child.

While every citizen has the right to choose their life partner to whom they want to marry, still choosing the same sexual person for marriage is not acceptable by everyone in the society. There are still many who think that it is crime against nature because:

  • Now being going to get married and celebrating ones relationship is a joyful thing but in return will attract complex divorce procedure. The division of their assets, alimony, custody of child etc. would be complex. When they will be allowed to marry then they will also be entitled for the same divorce pitfalls.
  • Homosexual marriage will ruin the heterosexual culture in the society and thus, ruin our society. If this culture continues and more people if involve themselves into same sex marriage, then, sooner or later the creation will come to an end. Even on religious grounds our Indian religion also doesn’t support same sex marriages.
  • Marriage is a traditional and religious ceremony. It is a commitment which holds people very sacred. It’s been degrading gradually. If we’ll support it then the air will blow for group marriages which will be a sin. Hence, we need to do everything that we can to preserve it.

According to the universal law and every ones thinking marriage is between persons of opposite sex but tell one thing that? What is the fault of a person who has taken birth as a taste of homosexual. He also has right to choose the one whom he loves and with whom he want to spend life with. They should not be discriminated and should be legally allowed to get marry and adopt the child too if they want. Not allowing same sex marriage will directly lead to humiliation of those belonging to homosexual groups and therefore, they will start hiding their true selves and will ultimately lead a false life. So, our country need to understand that every person has taken birth with a right to lead his life according to his wish hence they should support them and shouldn’t make them feel embarrassed or ashamed.

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