Benefits and Uses of FUCHS – Air Compressor Oils

Almost all the industries today use air compressors, be it for filling tire pressure to high-end tools in the industry. The air compressor itself is an electromechanical device that has a lot of moving parts that needs special care in maintaining the compressor. Since the compressors use atmospheric air to compress into a level of pressure required to meet the end use requirements. The oil that is applied to the air compress is an essential lubricant that is critical to running the compressor with ease and long life.

Unlike the motor oil, the air compressor oil is different in content and specifically made to use with the air compressor.  FUCHS Compressor oil is synthetic oil without having any detergents. It is made for the prime purpose of lubricating the bearings inside the compressor and at the same time to reduce the carbon deposits. It has been seen that people use motor oil in air compressor other than using specific compressor oil. This is wrong and does not provide the purpose of the essential oil needed for the compressor. Further, they help in proper functioning of the machine by cooling it down after heavy use. It also links different parts of the machine for a smooth functioning.

Benefits of FUCHS Air Compressor oil:

  • FUCHS Air compressor oil aids in a longer compressor life by helping to reduce carbon buildup.
  • Aids in the conservation of energy.
  • Maximum resistance to combustion.
  • It acts solely as a lubricant and supports in the functioning of different parts of the vehicles properly.
  • Helps in cooling down the temperature after heavy use.
  • Not only vehicles like bikes, cars, but the large scale industries require air compressor oils as well.
  • It not only increases the effectiveness of the compressors but also adds to its longevity.
  • It works at minimal temperatures.

The Right Compressor Oil for You:

  • You should always check the details provided by the manufacturer about the specifications of the oil. There is a definite kind of oil that is the paramount use in hotter climate and vice versa. Whereas an FUCHS air compressor oil best suited for warmer climate will not give effort for the colder regions.
  • Although the initial haze of using FUCHS synthetic air compressor oil is, if prior to this a mineral oil was used, it needs to be cleared up thoroughly. This is because the synthetic compressor oil needs to reach the different parts of the machine to kick start it.
  • There cannot be any alternative to FUCHS air compressor oil. Even though there are high-grade motor oils, but all they do is worsen the parts of the machine in the long run. They use detergents which are not recommended for the mechanical parts.

Effective tips on FUCHS air compressor oils:

  • Ensure to install a separator between the tools and the compressors to make sure that the oil is free of compressed air.
  • Even though there is mineral oil, but the advantages of FUCHS synthetic oil compressor far stretch that of mineral oils in the sphere of economy and is nature- friendly.

Best air compressor oil – FUCHS:

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