Another distressing, horrifying and brutal gang rape

Throughout distressing and disquieting rise in the cases of crimes against women, a shocking case of gang-rape in Rohtak spurt after a mangled body of a 23-year-old woman was found. The incident is a horrendous remembrance of the 16 December, 2012 Delhi gang-rape, where the 23-year-old paramedic student, later known as Jyoti Singh, was raped and brutally assaulted by six men, including a pubescent, in a moving bus. That urges citizens to move to the streets and the government to consider upon the safety of women. After coon’s age the Supreme Court upheld the death sentence of four accused in the case which would thought to have crunched the men who dare to accomplish such crime. But, this proved counterfactual.

A 23 year old women, who was a divorcee as stated by her parents was kidnapped from the gate of private company by five to six youth on 9th may and was taken to an isolated place in a car. The victim’s parents have filed a missing complaint at Sonipat police station. In a small one bedroom home just 27 miles away from Delhi, her mother lies on the floor. She said she has not been able to walk since the day she discovered the sort of the facts. Just days earlier she was tracking the news of death sentence being declared by the Supreme Court for nirbhaya’s case. She never imagined her own daughter would be put through a similar inhuman torture.

The Haryana Police have arrested two men for raping and murdering her daughter. Six others are being investigated after the victim’s mother accused them of involvement, said superintendent of police Ashwin Shenvi. The young woman was taken by the men at least one of whom knew her, by car from Sonipat to the nearby city of Rohtak, where they drugged her, raped her and abandoned her in the open. “When she said to them she would complain, they hammered her skull in with bricks,” the accused said. “The way that they brutalized her is disgusting.” A postmortem has been conducted.

Police officials said that forensic experts have disclosed after the postmortem that the victim was tortured, sexually assaulted and her body was badly mutilated. She was killed after being raped involving at least seven people. Then she was mashed with sharp edge weapon. At last, her skull was smashed in a brutal way with the bricks and it also shows that she was run-over by a vehicle in order to shield her identity. Stray dogs had bitten off parts of the victim’s body and tried to eat the remains of her corpse. This was spotted by a passerby in the urban estate area of rohtak on 11th may. Then her parents were called to Rohtak to identify her body.

The victim lived with her mother and brother and used to work in a private medical company to help out with the household finances. The victim and Sumit were in a relationship but she didn’t want to marry him so she with her mother had lodged a complaint a month ago against him (accused) for pressuring her daughter to marry him. The victim’s mother said that the accused had been pressurizing the woman for marriage for the past one year. The victim had allegedly refused a marriage proposal, following which a week later the accused reached her home with his friends. A furious argument spring up that arouses the women to slap him, but the disagreement was settled between the two parties. In revenge, the accused along with his friends allegedly raped and murdered her. Police officials also alleged that Sumit planned the gang rape and murder to teach a lesson to the woman.

Congress President Sonia Gandhi expressed deep shock and outrage over the brutal gang rape, murder and mutilation of the body of the victim. She hoped that the Haryana government would take action against the criminals of the crime.

What we can make out from the above or the other incidents is that despite of good legal provisions and the defined harsh punishments for the culprits they are still doing crimes which are considered a Massive SIN. So the rapist should get harsher punishments without any ifs and buts, as they chose to violate some so they have to face the consequences of it. If it means harsher then it should be. I believe that the crime of rape should result in extreme physical and psychological punishment. According to most of the people if the weapon is removed; the crime cannot be committed to the extreme again. Means under a surgery the nerves to his penis should be treated so that he’s unable to get any pleasure form the organ this can be done by giving him local anesthesia which will leave his penis permanently numb or the organ should be removed.  The accused should get abused. So the rapist should be punished.

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