PUNE Incident – A Woman dragged out of the car for wearing a short dress and thrashed for travelling with male friends. Is woman Safe in Country?

Now wearing short dress is a crime? Or having male friends is a crime? Clothing sense of a woman shouldn’t change the perspective of a man to look at her. Decency should be in the mentality.

In a most promising developed city like Pune, on 1 out of the car by a group of men and thrashed, even though she was travelling with two of her male friends. Attackers confessed that according to them wearing short dress is banned in their city.

A woman was returning home from one of her friend’s Sangeet Ceremony. Her friends joined her while returning home. Suddenly attackers stopped her car at Lullanagar signal in Pune. This is when a man, presumably peeped into their car and started misbehaving with the girl. (The Asian Age reported)

The men in the car reluctantly started abusing the trio and followed them home. One of the fiends of that woman tried his best to stop them, but they obstructed and thrashed him out of the car. This is when some of the men pulled the woman out of the car and thrashed her saying, “ How can you wear such a short dress and roam with two males at such a late time? in Pune this is not allowed.”

The girl said that she might have been raped as the men looked drunk but spared as her friends  intervened them in between. She dialed the police emergency helpline but got no response at all.

The attackers then left and returned with 15 others, carrying rods, to threaten them again. The police arrived after an hour of this scary incident. The Woman and her friends were in condition to give their statement to launch an FIR at the immediate moment, still police filed only a non- cognizable complaint instead of an FIR. (Midday reported.)

Finally that woman got succeeded in propelling the FIR against those men after a week of struggling visits to the Kondhva Police Station.

So far two accused men, Amit Mukhedkar and Shubham Gupta are identified and they are arrested as well. Further investigation is going on.

But again the question remained as it is, Are women Safe in our Country? Still women safety is an unsolved question even after Nirbhaya’s rape incident and other such soul threatening cases?

Pooja Tharwal

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